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Nina Jayasinghe (née Vasylevskaya) is an artist and a post-graduate school teacher, born in Ukraine, and has been living in London since summer 2019. Nina graduated from graph design school as a qualified artist performer followed by Kharkov National Pedagogical University, department of art and graphic design. Nina worked as an art teacher in the Musical school of children in fine art and taught painting, drawing, composition to children from age 5 to 15 years.

She was inspired by nature, spending most of her time on plain airs and likes to paint landscapes and still life.

Nina is capable of working in about 12 different techniques and materials but mostly she prefers acrylic paint, oil, and watercolours. In 2012, Nina joined to the association of artists “Colorit” in her home town and for 10 years dynamic creative activity participated in regular collective exhibitions of the association and annual exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Her artworks spread globally as a private collection in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Sri Lanka, France, and the UK.

 Nina was interviewed by the Ukrainian state T.V Channel followed by a private channel “Alex” also local newspapers such as “Verge” and “Mig”.

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