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In the Malay language, “Lukis” means to imagine, to draw or illustrate for, to describe, to depict, to portray. Nis Halim is a Malaysian artist who is currently living in Qatar and “me-lukis” (making art) is her passion.


Nis took the leap of faith in 2009, embracing her true calling when she decided to resign from one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, after spending almost 10 years in the corporate world. Since then, Nis concentrates on her family, her arts, and everything that she is passionate about for she believes that is where true happiness and contentment are found.


Nis Halim finds deep love for acrylics, gouache, abstracts expressionism, and abstract florals but remains open to explore other art forms and mediums like liquid watercolours, charcoals, and ink blocks. She finds a strong connection with intuitive painting and pattern designing which can be seen in her recent artworks. Her works are mostly driven by her intuition and spontaneity and inspired by life experiences, her emotions, and her random thoughts. To date, Nis Halim has completed a number of commission paintings and sold many original paintings and artworks locally and internationally, mostly via online platforms.


Personally, Nis believes that this world will be a better place if everyone is genuine and generous. She is a very passionate person who cherishes the simple things in life and appreciates all soulful things be it in arts, photography, traveling and homemade cooking.

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