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My name is Nicola Munn;   I am 52 years old and blessed to be a mother of 5 girls. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland where I live with my partner.  I’ve been a hairdresser for 37 years and I own my own hair salon with two other girls.  My passion for hairdressing has kept me in the loop with fashion trends and art, by meeting different people and creating different hairstyles and colours treating my client’s hair as a blank canvas.  I am also a qualified reiki master of 7 years, the art I am producing today is influenced by the spiritual experiences and the healing colours of reiki many people see while giving or receiving Reiki.

I rekindled my passion for painting again during the lockdown after 20 years of not lifting a paint-brush; I only used oil paint back then when I sat into the wee small hours of the morning when the kids were in bed!  My collection became quite large that a family friend took many of my paintings to a flea market and sold them. I have over the years tried many mediums, movements and art forms.  These include Copper wirework jewellery, Making soap, Up-cycling furniture, Nail art, Clay modelling and Crafts. I have always kept my hands busy, Art for me is my escape where I try to bring my spiritual side to life and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

The work today all started when I discovered my daughter’s watercolour palette,   I had never used watercolours before.   I instantly fell in love and became addicted to the organic flow the colours made when they collided together.  I decided I wanted to take my journey further and keep experimenting until I found my style, which seemed to be a great success that surprised me allot by the reaction and feelings towards my art.  The characters that I create in my art, I look upon them as guardian angels or spirit guides and I feel so blessed to bring colour and beauty into the lives of others.

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