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Born in Istanbul, raised in Germany, the artist first experienced the joy in painting during her childhood years in Germany and graduated School of Applied Arts upon her return to Turkey. She has never stopped painting since. She works at her own studio, holds solo exhibitions, partners with other distinguished artists and academics, joins workshops and tutors at various institutions including BSM, AFEM, Taksim Art Gallery. Her works have been exhibited and sold in auctions and galleries throughout the country and abroad.

She is mostly known for her surrealistic and fantastic interpretation of figures in her paintings. She is also influenced by social events and takes pride in raising social awareness for issues she’s been passionately addressing over the years like protecting the environment and the importance of blood donation.  

She has held 34 exhibitions; 14 being solo exhibitions and 20 group exhibitions and mixed events. She has concentrated on charity work and public awareness campaigns last few years and held 3 solo art shows in benefit of TEMA Foundation for environmental protection and Volunteers Association of Blood and Stem Cells to encourage volunteering.


The artist is grateful for the gift given to her by god which makes it possible for her to find a way to express his creations by her art. Freedom is the main theme that runs through all her work even though it is a major challenge to let out. Her latest series feature wild horses interpreted with her unique artistic style. Artistic achievement is a very broad concept and success varies immensely from person to person as well as from culture to culture and society. What drives her most is her enthusiasm towards emphasizing the leading role of women in society. She uses nature, wild horses, and women to symbolize female strength and freedom. The courage of women both in her country and all over the world striving to achieve everything taken from them inspires the artist the most and it is the key factor behind the artist’s symbolism that can be observed throughout her work.       

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