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Oana-Teodora Iorga is a painter that lives and creates in Bucharest, Romania. She graduated the Bucharest National University of Arts, the faculty of Fine Arts. Oana-Teodora Iorga has an academic degree in Pedagogy of Arts and a master degree in Painting. Her main interest is focused on expressing emotions throughout the painting techniques.

From a plastic view, her way of painting can be described as having an Impressionist style, the main subjects that she approaches in her paintings are mainly the themes that contains landscapes, or various forms that derives from nature. During the study period, learning specific techniques of fine arts, she was interested in creating artistic works in which she expressed, in an abstract or concrete manner, a wide range of emotions, from the freshness of nature to the authentic impressions experienced in her lifetime.

I will participate in the upcoming event organized by M.A.D.S MILANO art
gallery, the International Contemporary Exhibition "MATER «Reconditis
Oedipus»", located in Milano, Italy.

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