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Knud Frigstad (alias Odiin) lives and works in Kristiansand. He was born in Trondheim in 1973. Knud holds a Master's degree in Petroleum Technology, and has worked for 16 years in the oil industry. In recent years, the dream of becoming an artist has become so strong that he since summer 2019 started as a full-time visual artist.
In his pictures we find varied themes. Some are figurative but most of them are abstract or abstract landscape paintings. His love for nature is often reflected in the paintings.
The different seasons creates magical and colourful contrasts everywhere in the nature and these contrasts inspires him and triggers him to paint.
He is particularly fond of combining the use of spatula and paint brushes, especially when he works on hard surfaces like aluminum or plywood. Oil paint is his preferred painting medium as this gives him more flexibility and more peace during work.
As an artist Odiin is self-taught.

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