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I am Ojuswani Gupta, graduate from Pearl Academy and a full time working professional. I am currently working as Senior Fashion Designer at an esteemed Design House and under a well-known fashion designer in India.
As a kid nature, I was a nature lover, the rich visual sources of the natural world would attract me and soon it became one of my major inspiration to my work. Being an introvert from the beginning, I started sketching at a very early age. My artworks became a perfect medium to channelize and express my emotions and thoughts.
Apart from nature, I draw inspiration from the world around me; daily events, people, situations, believes and things that fuel my daily life. Using vast range of medium to express my thoughts, I admire surrealism, juxtaposition of character and realm of subconscious and unconscious mind while depicting the reality of situations.
Knowing art as the only medium to express and finding comfort in the brushes and strokes, I aspire to become a full-time artist. I believe that art everywhere and everyone is an artist. Every living being on this earth is using their brush to portray themselves trying to tell the story of their journey.

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