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In my previous work the focus has been on landscapes or people, often trying to capture the situation or feeling in everyday life situations, either at home or on my travels. My interest has shifted more and more from the subject towards the color in the situation and the art I produce today is a natural trajectory of that. The emotional experience in the viewing moment has become the primary focus. Many times the idea of a painting now comes to me as a need to get a certain color or color combination out of my system. This urge of a picture can be present in my mind for a long time before it finally finds its way onto the canvas. Then the process is rather quick and intuitive. The original idea or mood starts the process, but then the painting itself takes over and dictates the way forward, and I am mostly just a tool at the will of the painting.



Kommunala konstskolan in Stockholm, 

Art school in Stockholm

Degree from RMI Berghs, Graphic Design & Illustration

Courses for Anders Wallin



2002 Stockholm–Rom–Marrakesh, Galleri Katarina.

2003 Akvarell, Finnmarkens Konstrunda, Matlaberg, Orsa Finnmark.

2004 När solen stod som högst, Norrbottens Museum.

2006 Akvarell, Vantörs konstförening.

2007 Akvareller från Tarquinia, collection exhibition, Nyckelvikens café.

2009 Nationell salong i akvarell, collection exhibition, Edsvik konsthall.

2009 Akvarell, Trollbäckens Bibliotek.

2010 Akvarell, Vantörs konstförening, Stockholm.

2010 Akvarell och Collage, Galleri 100+, Lidingö.

2011 Nationell salong i akvarell, collection exhibition, Edsvik konsthall.

2018 ApARTment – private show, Kvarnholmen, Nacka.

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