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From a young age, I was brought up around a grandfather who was a self-taught perfectionist artist, his portraits were stunning realism and inspired me to pursue a path down art.


After multiple attempts at photorealism, I could never grasp the idea of looking at a photo and copying it exactly onto the paper in front of me. Much to his despair, I went a little more abstract in my art, and this is where my style of painting I use today was born.

I feel there is no harm in going a bit crazy with your artworks, and the best paintings come when you have no expectation or idea where the piece will finish, you work with it as you paint and let the brush follow your creative imagination.


I have attended many art classes with my grandad, in many mediums like watercolor, gouache, oil, and acrylics. I even visited a life model class which was such an educational experience that has helped shape my style today. I have achieved an A** in my GCSE art and an A in A level art.


I am only young and have a life ahead of me full of new artistical experiences, this platform is bleeding with talent and I feel honored I have an opportunity to sell and develop my art alongside many others like-minded. I hope I can inspire other people similar to me, to help them understand, it doesn’t matter what you paint, how and who. Get yourself out there.

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