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Olivier Bourgin is a French collage artist and painter, born and grown up in Paris. He is an autodidact and started painting in his early adolescence. After having experimented with all types of paint and materials he discovered a few years later another interesting medium: the collages, which have become his main art activity…..

During the following years, he has participated in expositions at the « Salon des Indépendants » at Grand Palais in Paris. Due to his profession and family life, he has not been exposing for quite a long time. But now, as a retired person, he is able to intensify creating. Recently he has been very engaged in practicing tornposterart.



Creating collages is existential for me, for my equilibration. When I started composing collages, I used photos that had attracted my attention and I transferred the message of the photographer into my own by cutting and adding pieces in order to create a new artwork. During the years I utilized all sorts of materials, such as high gloss magazines, art books, newspapers, calendars, and posters. Cutting pieces of existing pictures and then splice the bits into a new destination is very exciting and attractive to me…..

The fact being an autodidact bears for me the advantage of staying venturous and free in choice and not being restricted by an artistic education…..

I am still painting sometimes, mostly acrylic on paper or cardboard and I like to mix both mediums.

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