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My name is Olja.

I was raised and born in Belgrade, Serbia.

That is also the place where I was schooled.


I have graduated from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture -

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering in 2008. In next two years, when I was 24, I reached my second degree from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture -

Master of Science in Architectural Engineering in 2010.

Currently I am living and working in Minsk, Belarus.

I work as a full-time architect.

Architecture is beautiful discipline, where one have a chance to materialise own ideas, in the fields of architecture design, interior design, urbanism, urban planning , architectural engineering and technologies.


I feel that all those wonderful and fulfilling scientific, professional and artistic achievements were not enough to satisfy my desire to create.

To create images. To express my inner world.

To create my own parallel universe.

To let pictures from subconscious, or memories from far-far behind, from early childhood or even before, to swim out on the surface.

This is where my inspiration comes from, from the unknown, generally.


My paintings are embodiment of colour, and in their themes dominate unearthly forms and shapes, supernatural motives,  therefore  I assume that can be said that I am influenced by the vividness of colour of the Expressionists, and regarding the expression of form, probably - Cubism.


Currently I work on canvas with acrylic paint.

I love it because that technic gives me the opportunity of a few others, solidness of oil paint, or hovering lightweight texture of watercolours.

Also, I love to create in combinational/mixing technics, using watercolours with markers, colour pencils, ink pens and etc.

During my growing up, from the age of a scholar, by the time of enrolling to the university I was educated in art studios of academic painters in my city. They tutelage me everything i know about composition, beauty, proportions.


My painting personify creatures of the world from the beyond, supernatural goddess, light angels, from the world where harmony and divine order reign. Maybe, their number one goal and purpose is to bring harmony and sense of order in the spaces where they would be. To open a window to better, kinder, more sensible world.

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