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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1970, I’m a medical doctor specialized in infectious diseases and also a holder of a Ph.D., effectively sharing my time between medicine as a profession and painting.

          My first artwork went to a wall at a hospital 22 years ago to celebrate the colorful life of a deceased patient and it gives me the joy to know that more than two decades later, it is still there to energize the medical staff with its contagious colors. Since this episode, painting has become an important part of my life as I pursued to learn and perfect different techniques in free ateliers while studying Philosophy to join technical and aesthetic theory.

          My scientific background naturally allowed me to employ unusual materials such as organic dyes, needles, pipettes, and scalpels, giving birth to a very particular language that transcends classical painting.

          In 2015, I chose to use my artwork to the benefit of the underprivileged holding annual auctions on behalf of the most vulnerable. It was probably those auctions that led one of my paintings to be commissioned as a present to Pope Francis I in May 2019 during the celebration of 300th Jubilee of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, at the Vatican.

          To this day, I have watched with joy as my artwork has been portraited in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Maputo, Chicago, Orlando, Milan, Lisbon, Paris, London, Vatican, Sao Tome, and Principe.

          Throughout my artwork, I have developed different series with many techniques and inspiration, with the common thread of a mathematical and organic connection which are linked by a central question: Are artists free or only able to get free? This issue has been developed in successive compositional challenges, which are at the heart of my work.

          I'm currently in Paris, France developing post-doctoral research as I refine my engraving, watercolor and tapestry techniques-embroidery ability. The local atmosphere is already impacting the incorporation of new artistic approaches.

          Responding to an invitation to Gaudi Gallery, I had participated in the International Art Fair in Luxembourg last December. In the forthcoming days, I’ll also most likely take part in a Collective Exhibition: “Arte en Esencia” which shall be held in Madrid/Spain in January 2020. The next stop will be a Collective Exhibition: “Sexy Gstaad, Empowering Female Artists”, which shall be held in Gstaad/Swiss in February 2020.


2016- Solo Exhibition- As Gaudianas. Galeria da La Salle Niterói/ Brasil.

2017- Collective Exhibition hall MiM - Universidad De La Salle Bajío/Mexico.

2019- Collective Exhibition at Casa Cor 2019 Rio- 28th edition. Prestigious exhibits of architecture and interior design.

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