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Since an early age, Pablo has been a talented illustrator and follower of the Spanish comics. He enjoyed drawing and participating in comics contests, eventually winning two of them. One of his teachers during this period was Ceuta’s great local artist Vicente Álvarez, who taught him how to pay attention to the different angles of an image.


During his University years, the focus of his studies was Marketing. He studied advertising photography and started developing a taste for hyperrealism. He took classes of nude painting and airbrush technique with Maestro Gianluigi Alberio at Oda Palestra Artistica in Milan, Italy.


While in Geneva, Switzerland, as he strived to improve his artistic skills, Pablo focused on mastering black & white and color drawing techniques.


After joining a group of international and local artists in Hanoi, Viet Nam, he further refined his drawing and sketching skills to integrate new eclectic styles.


Over the years, he has been exploring increasingly diverse artistic approaches and started to develop a deep taste for experimenting with colors.


Leaving aside his quest for perfection through hyperrealism, he began playing with colors and imperfections. He believes that defects can convey a sense of beauty too.

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