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My work comes from the observation of the reality that surrounds me. I am a curious observer and I paint what intrigues me.

My characteristic is the meticulous rendering of details. I love painting with oil, acrylic and graphite pencil.

I am a hyper-realistic painter attracted by the used world and abandoned objects that become my subjects like, for example, candy cards, crushed cans… or crumpled pages of books, newspapers or comic books.

I had a difficult adolescence and I found, in painting, the possibility of feeling alive.

Painting and creating another reality allowed me to overcome very serious health problems.

When I paint, like when I’m with my dogs, I am in a different world made of immediacy, happiness, spontaneity when all the superstructures collapse and I can be in contact with that part of myself that has been hidden for a while and can now come out in the form of color, details, and harmony.

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