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Patricia Ariane lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Her artistic practice can be described as the pictorial representation of her daily extrasensory perceptions combined with the use of flat color, bold lines and influences of movements such as Figurative, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.

Each completed artwork is the result of a sparking idea, developed through an unrecognized physical sense, intuition. For the artist, painting is the communication mediator for an experience of cyclical transfer between author and viewer. The artist's fanciful perspectives carry a sweeping impulse, where the artist hopes to convey a little of herself and embrace some of the spectators through the act of contemplation.

Such act becomes a bridge for an amplified collective conscious place, where the artist’s intuitive creations expand by connecting the subconscious of the artist with the subconscious of the viewer, giving birth to what the artists call “the creative imagination” and making the content of the work a field of limitless possibilities.

 Her works of art are present in private collections around the world, in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.

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