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 The spiritual world of colours Patrick Moles is a soul apart. He is one of those people who both intrigue and soothe you. Upset by his simple and tranquil inner beauty, I immediately wanted to ask his about his story and soak up his serenity to decode his talent.

 Patrick, you are a self-taught artist and a humanist.
 How did you start your journey?
 After training in a business school, I joined the FNAC cultural society, that of the
 beginnings, an interesting and innovative concept. I stayed there for 25 years while I worked as an entity director in France and in Europe. A beautiful background on the human level that to manage men and women, tailor-made for me who loves above all chose human relations. I think I have successfully achieved my goal, that of creating balance and harmony between performance,benevolence and respect for others. At the end of these years, a new path of life opened up to me, the development of a spiritual bookstore in Paris. An enriching journey which taught me a lot about myself and
 which further widened my view of others. I discovered myself in spirituality, this "state of being" which allows you to listen, understand, transmit and experience emotions.


It is this very exacerbated emotional state that led you, quite naturally, to art, and more precisely to painting? 

To tell the truth, it took shape when I began to do holistic coaching for companies, on the client relationship theme. There too, a very nice life experience. The colors took place in my being, it is as if they had settled in me, like a whisper, insidiously, to inhabit me definitively.

 Is that when I think you have a wonderful meeting?
 Exactly, an exquisite moment. I meet Corinne, an extraordinary woman, who becomes my wife.


A random ?

No, certainly not, because there is no such thing as chance. With her I fly
 away, I feel like I'm breathing, vibrating, now living on several dimensions.And there, you are suddenly invaded by a powerful creative force, almost supernatural.

 How did it manifest? How did you come to paint?
 I felt guided, indeed, by an unknown force. I started to paint some "stuff" as I always say today. A first large canvas which still gave me a lot of work, and even a hard time. I baptized her "Louis", on the advice of my muse. Very quickly, the work was sold through a friend, who became my first ambassador.
 The pictorial world I was creating turned out to be a world of colors, the spiritual world of colors. I discovered that this translation was the logical continuation of my humanist and spiritual journey. A real revelation!


 Indeed, you are an artist of color. You transcend color, your canvases radiate color, they are most often joyful, festive and meaningful.
 I learned the symbolism of colors as well as their uses and techniques, and my mastery became easier, more precise. As I often repeat, it is not I who paint but this inner force which lives in me, and which is of course an integral part of my being. This "double personality", after all, is fertile, I feel it creates shared happiness. Corinne is very often present during my creations, her presence and the vision that she brings to my work feed my inspiration.

 So is that what gives you that serenity and peace that emanate so strongly from you?
 Certainly. These moments are beneficial because they give me the necessary strength to go to the depths of me, to extract and materialize the best. I think I can say that my style has matured, my paintings are now more personal, more accomplished.

 Patrick, a quote that is dear to you, and in which you recognize yourself ...?

 Without hesitation, this phrase of V. Kandinsky: "The more a man is spiritually evolved, the more his soul is accessible. Only the artist who knows the power of colors can directly reach the soul of the spectator".
 Thank you for this initiatory journey to the heart of color. It is a real gift for the soul.

Lysok Dangy

 Others said:
 “Patrick Moles is a medium between the visible and invisible world. He uses the power of colors to reach the soul. The artist will seek or receive the inspiration he will write to us in his works. In his painting, the mixture of pigments and other supports illustrates diversity. ”
 JL Burger



Salon ART SHOPPING au Carrousel du Louvre en oct 2019 

 Exposition à Pékin début nov 2019 

 Salon ART3F à Bruxelles en mi-nov 2019 
 Salon SPECTRUM à Miami en déc 2019 

 Exposition à Cologne en février 2020 pendant 2 semaines 

 Salon ART CAPITAL au Grand Palais en février 2020

Exposition à la Galerie Au Médicis -

Paris 6 eme du 9 au 16 Février 2020 

 ARTEXPO à New York 22 au 25 Avril 2021



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