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I am Lithuanian, self-taught abstract artist, living in a West part of Norway, in amazing and beautiful village- Vassenden.In 2005 I studied social science in Vilnius pedagogical university, have a bachelor's degree and teacher qualification. I and my family came in Norway in 2012 and here I started my first "meetings" with art. I experimented with oil colors on a small canvas, was painting shapes with a pencil and then I just colored it, it looked nice, and also it was my spare time activity, which made me feel excited. Then I got encouragement from my friends and family to go further, it made me feel happy and helped me to realize myself in that artistic way. Accidentally, I saw a movie about Jackson Polloc, he was an American painter, and a major figure in the abstract abstractionist movement, this movie was an inspiration for me too.
I love colors, our world is full of colors, life also, just need to look around and see. I like to see small things and be happy about it, I think that life is very interesting, even if it is tough and that you can see in my painting – moments of feeling, thoughts, music, emotions, vibrance, and shining.
When I see my paintings, I can smell it also, and once it inspired me to buy some particular fragrance. 
Nothing makes me feel free and wild than painting, It is my path to wild nature and reality. It is a very big part of my life and it helps me to get to know my self better and psychology is also an important part for me.
Mostly, I use acrylic and oil, sometimes mixed media. I like to paint on other paintings too, it helps me to get an "interesting" structure.
Now I get an opportunity to be a part of the Emerging Artist Platform, and I am glad about it. I really want to participate in some of the exhibitions and show my works to people.

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