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I am a self-taught artist currently based in the southeast of the U.S. around
Savannah GA. Growing up I was a huge fan of comics, graphic novels, animation
and commercial book cover art. Artists like N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Frank
Frazetta, John Singer Sargent, Bernie Wrightson and many others were early
influences and inspired my work. With these early influences I have been drawn
to more graphic and illustration style work and strive to evoke a sense of
storytelling and design in my own creations. I enjoy experimenting and
challenging myself artistically with multiple styles and mediums that include oil,
acrylic and watercolor paints as well as graphite. Many times mixing these
mediums to create a particular effect or to get a specific result that a client would
like for a commission.

Each painting ends up being a unique experiment. I approach each one from
both a design aspect and a learning experience. Striving to create a piece that
best reflects the creativity, story or emotional context while also gaining greater
knowledge in that style or medium. Whether it is for myself or a client.
I participate in multiple local art shows each year in Savannah and surrounding
areas as well as currently serving on the board of Arts on the Coast.
I had membership in the Circle Arts Foundation in 2019 and was included in
Spotlight Issue 8 with my piece “Shrimp Boat”.
My painting “The Explorer” was published in issue #1 of Infinite Worlds
In issue #19 of CreativPaper my painting “Midori” was published.
I have also contributed editorial illustrations to Reflections magazine based out of
Bryan county.
Also very proud to be part of the Hansford and Sons Gallery Emerging Artist

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