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Graduate Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków in Poland. She is an artist and certified conservator of art. She use painting, drawing and old techniques media, mixing all of them in her artworks. Paulina creates very special cycle “Cityscapes” which presents a cityscape in a modern way, presented without photographic accuracy, perhaps exaggerated, with saturated colors of the night as well as the trick of the lights. The city is always an up-to-date topic in art grateful material for transformation and as a living organism undergoing continuous transformations in the space of time inspires her especially. His industrial character, dynamics, play of lights creates a kind of theater, giving the field of creative imagination and evoking the need for sensory image saving.
She also paints portraits of people and animals.”Multiplicity of my works is a result of inspiration of a fascinating world and unlimited ideas. Artworks are a unique combination of oil painting techniques and drawing possibilities which finally makes paintings unusual in their character. Paintings between expressive and impressionistic convention, are connected with traditional terms which makes a new fusion language of creation.”
Paulina Taranek has been selected to receive the Erasmus Scholarship Antwerp 2011/2012 and also took a part in Second International Artistic Symposium Szymbark 2013. Featured by Artist Portfolio Magazine (USA, California). Organized eight solo exhibitions and took a part in many group exhibitions among others in Tokio (Japan), Brussels (Belgium), Slovakia and Poland.

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