Less than 1 year into painting career though very very old (54)

ex Royal College of Art , (same year as Tracey Emin ) Product Designer who’s never tried to paint. He claims it never occurred to him to paint as he always thought he was a designer , until Oct 2019 his mum sent him paints and demanded a painting ( first pic on instagram) . Fortunately this coincided with having finally sorted his life out with his love affair with Grenada, and his Mongolian Seamtress partner in life and 2 stray dogs made the most unlikely set of stars align.


Riley is thinking that if he paints for long enough he can record the joins and cracks that let the light in , the intersections and energy lines that point to the circuitous nature of things . “Painting the power rather than the thing itself “ he calls this ‘Natural Constructivism’…most people would say its abstract realism with a hint of surrealism.


Sometimes he paints boats in the same way you or I would go to the gym but it gives him a headache .


Various life events ( redacted )

-Manchester polytechnic joined as polymer chemist left with degree in Industrial Design 1984-87

-Royal College of Art 1987-89*

-Drawing selected for the permanent collection at the V and A .1989 ( someone go see if they still have it)

- Exhibited a dustpan and brush at the design museum ( Riley&Reay ltd) 1990

-a Mini glass house in alba place Portobello . London 2009

- Released an Album Called Alba Place 2011 was played on radio 2

-Built house in Grenada 2016-2019

-Started to paint Oct 2019

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