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It is around thirty years that I have lived primarily by my art.


I have always loved the flow and spontaneity of watercolor

and from the beginning, Turner was my inspiration. I had no formal training but will always be grateful to the study rooms of the Tate and the British Museum.


Living in a Greek coastal village in the nineties I ran summer painting courses, exhibiting locally and annually for a decade at the Coffee Gallery near the British Museum. It was there that I encountered Howard Hodgkin, ancient Indian art, and became fascinated by Rothko. My art has always been on a ‘spectrum’ of abstraction/figuration. I am fascinated by the  ’gap’..the nothing which tells it all and energizes the dynamic relationship between viewer and artwork.


Concerned with our place in the world (ideas of connection, celebration, and Ecstacy) I try to celebrate things tangible and intangible: the beauties of nature, the joy of the ordinary, immersion in the wonder of being. 


I have painted for the last decade every summer on the Aegean island of Ikaria and recently led Watercolour workshops in Sardinia and Sicily for Etno Psi, School of Systemic Narrative Psychotherapy.

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