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I’m a young Franco-Jamaican artist who first came to painting through music. I’ve always been heavily into jazz and find the two art forms inexorably intertwined but needed another channel, besides music to express my artistic sensibility. My practice deals with the underrepresentation of black figures in paintings but contradicts the traditional narrative putting them against very flamboyant backdrops while still telling the story of the racial struggle. I use many shades of blues, browns, and black to show the layers and depth to their story, unique to each character. My characters often inspired by those in the works of photographers such as Gordon Parks, Malik Sidibe, and many more. As well as taking influence from black exploitation movies, record sleeves, and literature from the ’60s/70’s.

I want my paintings deciphered like maps, juxtaposing the brutality and unfairness of the world against vibrant, opulent colors and textures. These maps are to the places of dreams; whether it’s to a land full of opportunities (American dream) or land of equality. Different cultures/beliefs will have different names, but essentially it’s a place, we all hope, to find.

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