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My name is Penelope Garvin. I'm married with 2 children and live in the South Oxfordshire countryside. We moved from London in 2011 when the twins were 9 months old. With 10 years experience of working in finance, I decided to start my own business so that I could be flexible around my children’s needs, embarking on a dream of being an interior stylist and professional artist.


I have a steady flow of commissions for my intricate pet portraits in coloured pencil, but have been eking out time to work on my real passion, larger scale abstract pieces. I feel art is key component of interiors styling and I’ve started taking commissions for specific projects – commercial as well as residential – as well as offering pieces on my interiors website. To be honest, my art has overtaken the interiors business thanks to the support I’ve enjoyed, although I believe the best approach is to continue to nurture the two in tandem.


I’m lucky enough to have home-studio, my favourite place in the house. My abstract paintings come from the heart. I don't plan, except when asked to work with a particular colour palette. I love the freedom to express emotion with movement and treasure the value of colour. I especially love that my works have been referred to as "happy paintings".

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