Since I was very little, I draw.

My teacher at the time even told me that it was my father who had drawn in my place so the drawing seemed very well done.

My father is scientific.

Then, I continued the classic way by studying pharmacy.

 At 39, I took evening classes once a week in a workshop to try to improve my line for a year.


 A little over a year ago, due to small health concerns, unable to work, I rented myself with my allowances a workshop with a friend to calm my stress and my pain. And I start to paint. First of all the abstract because it is easier to do when you have crutches and when it is better for figurative. I try to do a little bit of everything. Indian ink, acrylic, collage ... For me creating becomes my second nature, like a second breath that allows me to relate to life.

All my latest formats are 115 cm by 75 cm because not having the means too much, I found a good compromise by buying my paintings in low-cost stores because, given their very attractive prices, I do not slow myself down in my desire for creations.

I did not go to art schools. I am self-taught. And my best compliment is when my youngest daughter tells me at least you mom you are an artist.

 It warms my heart.

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