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I am a self-taught artist who from a young age found art fascinating and a way to channel my imaginative mind to show how you can create anything you want through art. I enjoy exploring all types of art from abstract to fluid to landscape to portrait and cartoon.

I was born in Harrow Middlesex. I lived there until I was nearly 8 years old when we moved to Bedfordshire. I chose to take Art as one of my GCSE choices however during year 10 in school I was diagnosed with glandular fever. Due to this illness, I had to drop a number of GCSEs and unfortunately, Art was one of them. However, my interest in art continues, and as previously stated self-taught myself different styles of art.

I also enjoy sketching, experiencing, and mixing different styles together. Art relaxes me and I am able to immerse myself in whatever project I am doing at the time. My interest in art has helped me deal with my ongoing medical condition with my ankle which has required operations over the last few years and my artwork has supported my recovery and wellbeing.

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