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I am an artist, living and working in London, before in Berlin, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Singapore. My artistic focus is on the research and development of the human mind and consciousness exploring the full human potential. 

My painting is an invitation of inspiration, through silencing the mind and intellect, moving in seamless depth, untouched, through altered states of consciousness. The energy comes through in a bold and swift impasto style, which I call magical impasto, manifesting in metaphysical oil. On the most outer level my paintings are dancing between figuration and abstraction, seeking the animating roots and the spirit behind everything. In my art I practice to let go the illusion of control and arrogance and create a space where seeds can grow. I do that by studying and following patterns of transformation and transcendence. My body knows best. I see my art as a unique opportunity to evolve and move through the resistances that keep me blind of who I really am. 

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