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Petra, a fine artist currently living in Jeffreys Bay, was born in Bloemfontein in the Free State and grew up in Parys. She studied art at Bloemfontein Teacher’s College, while at the same time also doing extra courses with Michael Edwards. She received further tutelage from the experienced Titia Ballot and George Boys. In her later years, she attended various workshops with well-known artist-Dale Elliot. Most recently she went to America to study under Master-artist, Daniel Gerhard. This course was experienced by Petra as very exciting, informative, and ultimately one of the “things to be done” on her bucket list! In 2016, she returned to America to do an advanced course with Daniel.

About Her Art
Her work is a mixture of different art forms, but could mostly be described as “contemporary-impressionistic”. The art that she creates reflects her inner feelings at a given moment. Petra’s aim is: to always grow and improve in her work – to succeed in transforming her feelings into conceptions and perceptions of her emotions and dreams. The result of all this inner questioning/thinking would be the absolute honest production of her inner self.

Petra paints with a free, strong hand while using the full dimension of color, light, and shadow to obtain the depth of character and feeling. One of her tutors, Daniel Gerhardz has the following saying: “My desire as an artist is that the images I paint would point to the Almighty Creator and not to me”. Petra has made this her motto – which is used (and can be seen), in a subtle, though clear way throughout all of her work.

For the past twelve years, Petra has been giving art workshops all over the country. The goal of these workshops is to inspire all new and experienced artists in such a way, that they will expand their visions and techniques in oil- and acrylic painting. Petra hopes that she will be able to teach her workshop-students to find joy in their own creations and to share the joy of their talents with other people as well.

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