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Nature is my principal inspiration. I do not try to represent nature though. You may say my paintings are nature in themselves. My works are full of surprises, somehow reflecting the lives of the spectators, creating flashbacks of personal moments. The tactile surface interacts with the daylight creating highlights and shadows.

I work in a rather slow technique building up many layers in the oil working primarily with spatulas of different kinds.

 Apart from oil-painting, I have realized several projects in ceramics, glass and porcelain. The latest is a series of unique vases and plates in cooperation with Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. You can find a link to a couple of small films on my web (piaandersen.com) illustrating my technique as well as my inspiration.

 I was born in Denmark. At the age of 17, I went  for 1 year to USA.Ever since, I have not stopped travelling. I studied for 2 years at the Art Academy in Cracow, Polandin the early 80s. Later I spent some years in Mexico, several years in Berlin and now for the last many years I divide my time in between the city of Copenhagen and the countryside of Extremadura, Spain. My native tongue is Danish, but I speak fluently English, Spanish and German.


                          November 2019 - Royal Copenhagen Flagshipstore, Tokyo, Japan

                           May 2020 - GalleriHeer, Oslo, Norway Solo exhibition/ paintings

                           May 2021 - Museum Silkeborg Bad Kunstcenter, Silkeborg, Denmark

                           (Solo exhibition – paintings, works in glass, porcelain and ceramics)

 September 2021 - Museum Kastrupgårdsamlingen, Copenhagen, Denmark

(Taking over the exhibition from Silkeborg Bad)

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