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Petra Matohlinova known as Pietra Art is a Czech artist who graduated from Technical engineering school and then entered the Czech Technical University in the field of Architecture. After a year of studying she found out, that she wanted to go in a completely different direction. She left her studies and went to London by herself, where she has started to focus more on painting. In her paintings, you can find feelings and hidden thoughts hiding in layers of colorful abstractions. Therefore, her style has become abstract art, in which intangible entities emanating from the inside are displayed directly on the canvas. Her most common technique is melted wax crayon on canvas and acrylic colors. Wax crayons create beautiful structures and nice mixed colors. Pietra also creates abstract collages through paper clippings glued to acrylic paper or canvas. These abstract collages represent her life in London. Pietra Art currently lives in London and wants to fully devote herself to art.

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