Piotr Majchrzak, I'm from Poland, I have been dealing with paints for over 10 years. I have already dealt with almost any type of painting, I have worked on painting windows, kitchen furniture, wood painting in general, painting cars and renovation of classic cars, painting structures of various kinds, spray chrome, hydrographic and recently also powder coating.

Everything is going well for me, I have a good hand for it, but I have always had the need to create something special.

Airbrushing became interested when I was creating it acted and where he could.

I am a self-taught artist.

For some time now, I have managed to organise a place where I can use the knowledge I have gathered over the years and create art, experiment and play with it whenever I can.

Last year, I became more interested in epoxy, and learned to use it.

Now the main ingredient of my art is resin, I mix it with whatever I can, as a result of which I pour emotions, thoughts, feelings, I use many creative techniques and try to do it my way.

A huge amount of ideas waiting to be realised in my head,

I dream to have time and possibilities to realise them,

I dream about being able to support myself and my family from the art that I create,

I dream about leaving behind something special.

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