Hello! My name is Giorgi Akhalaia. I’m 24 years old. I was born in remote village called Zugdidi in the west of Georgia. I have so many great memories from this place full of amazing landscapes, pacified nature, giant house and the most exiting one is huge personal library. I have a bright childhood indeed. But my carefree memories changes so fast and become not that good. About 1999 my home land was
occupied by military’s and there was the begging of the war. My own house was destroyed in a fire and everything that we had doesn’t exist anymore. This is very tough period for me and my family but we had to go on. Then we decided move to Moscow, Russian Federation, despite the fact that it was illegal.
I lived there all my teenage life and felt a huge love for this country. I used to go to usual school, but after 6 years of study I was kicked out and my family decided go back to Georgia. During that period I was actively engaged in painting and literature.
Nowadays I’m based on philosophical, literary-critical, journalistic and fiction literature. I write poems, prose, essays and reviews of works of art. I have been studying the theory of art for a very long time. I affirm only myself and the culture of my own era. With grateful trepidation, I appreciate the heritage of all world art. I believe that the artist’s freedom is manifested exclusively in the necessary submission to the laws of both physical and spiritual life. A person who believes that the artist’s freedom is determined by the game of the mind and imagination, is limited in contemplation and primitive. My worldview is very closely connected with my art, and I don’t see any other outcome. I believe that what
is seen outside of consciousness is expressed more harmoniously, the richer and more individual in itself, and the only thing left for me is to annoy the consciousness in order to unravel the abbreviations of the world.
Paleolithic and Neolithic painting, called primitive art, reveals to us the absolute phenomenal contemplation of the world. The culture of my thinking obliges me to strive for primitive vision. Cavemen had the opportunity of the virgin contemplation of the world, in those days it was not conditioned by words and signs, in those days life itself was a creative act. My art is a striving for primitiveness, and my goal is not progress, but regression. I can’t, and don’t want to be satisfied with the imitation of reality. I want to change it.
In a nutshell, I just want to take a look at the world and plunge into its essence.

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