10. Meeting I-17x26 Inches-Charcoal on P



Pratik Koundinye is a painter who completed his graduation in painting from the Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore, India. During his education in Fine Arts, he began to draw at crowed markets, gardens, and public places in the city where people get together, and during this period he began with his emotive paintings. Pratik had become part exhibitions and different art activities from the beginning of university. During his graduation only he learned the French language from Alliance Française d’ Indore and also taught French for a period of one year in a school in Indore. But due to inclination towards painting and the lack of time to practice art, he quit his job completed his M.F.A in Painting. He is currently working as guest faculty of painting in a college and continuing his art practice in Indore. He has been awarded second prize in the National Exhibition of Pondicherry Art Academy. His work collection includes places like France, the UAE, and India.

Pratik Koundinye is a young experimental painter, experimental especially in order of portraying dense emotions, to overcome the traditional portrayal of emotions, for example; the portrayal of a rose for love, it is a traditional portrayal but Pratik has overcome this fact through his style of portraying emotions. His sustainable creativity engages different kinds of emotions but always in his type of portrayal with his male figures. It seems like these male figures in Pratik’s works can travel anywhere in his imagination, without changing their own identities.

He creates his paintings by engaging different kinds of emotions as its foundation and these emotions in his figural paintings innately come out. These are emotions; emotions of fatigue and also happiness after accomplishing all day long routine and of discussion during this fatigue. In other words, even though his works are purely figurative but are the classic examples of portrayal of emotions. In his works, there is also the soft delineation of expressions-emotions caused by agreement and disagreement between men during the discussion in groups, which is an auxiliary to the emotions of fatigue. This kind of emotive painting by Pratik determines that his art on the contrary to the established criterion provokes to see the beauty in pure emotions. The amalgamation of figurative compositions with forms is based only on emotion; inspires to emerge out of mere aesthetic sense and to perceives emotions.

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