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Pratiksha was once on a promising corporate path, but after a deep dissatisfaction with the lack of impact she felt she was making, she quit. Now she makes art and she is motivated to make a genuine impact through her creative projects.

Initially, her art started as a coping mechanism. When she was in high school, her dad wasn’t feeling well. He admitted himself to the hospital and didn’t leave for 3 years. He was diagnosed with ALS and passed from it. Pratiksha and her family spent a great deal of time in hospitals during that period. Many hospitals did not have much on the walls except for sharp white paint. Every day she walked into one of those facilities, she would notice details from the sterile smell to the blinding lights. Immediately, she would feel cold and everything around her felt sterile.

Even though there were attempts to bring warmth to the environment, there was only one facility that captured life by having a beautiful outdoor garden. During the summer, Pratiksha would bring her dad there, and together they shared moments that made them feel like they were in their own backyard. That experience was a powerful adjustment from the white walls.

Since making her decision to forge a path of her own, Pratiksha aims to bring the time she shared with her dad in the outdoor garden to canvases. The art she makes is intended to make people feel something; whether that is a feeling of remembrance, confidence, even home. There are pain and distress in life. That pain can also develop deeper gratitude for things like color and warmth in life. Pratiksha’s ultimate goal is to replace white walls with beauty and existence.

Pratiksha's artwork has since been purchased and collected worldwide. She has extensive experience creating custom artwork for various clients, including companies and celebrities, in the United States. 

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