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Claude Art was inspired and is an amalgamation of art movements of  Impressionists, Abstract Expressionists, Cubists, Fauvists and Minimalists. 


A startup Art Consultant company setup in Bangalore, India dedicated to just Abstract Art and in the honour of the French artist Claude Monet who had a strong initial influence on Preetham Kumar, while he was pursuing his career in French language.


Preetham Kumar, has a strong passion towards Abstract Expressionism Art Movement. He is  inspired from the works of legendary artists like Frances Aviva Blane, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline.


Most of his works involve strong blend of colours, shapes, layers and he uses a combination of custom brushes and strokes like Glazing, Sfumato, Bravura, Scumbling & Hatching. 

His mentor is Andy Morris, Texas who is a well renowned Abstract Artist. Preetham's works were also featured by Andy and has many international acquaintances with other fellow artists.

He undertakes orders based on commissions, either on canvas painting or digital print. 

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