ABUNDANCE- Doina Popescu

ABUNDANCE- Doina Popescu

Title: Abundance 

Media: Acrylic painting on wood framed canvas

Country of Origin: Belgium

Date: 2020

Size: 100 cm x 100 cm (4 canvases of 50 cms x 50 cms)


The story behind the artwork:

This artwork had been work in progress for over 6 months and was finished during the first week of lockdown. I made it with a lot of dried plants, in vibrant bright colors and I exhibited it in my balcony in Brussels during the pandemic, in order to  encourage the people from my neighborhood. The art speaks to the soul and living without art during the pandemic would have been a very tough depressing challenge for everybody.


The message (inspired from personal development books):

With an abundance mindset, you believe there's plenty for everyone. There's plenty of wealth, prestige, and happiness to go around. You're optimistic about the future. You know things will work out one way or the other.

We are all just one thought away from becoming a completely different person. How beautifully fragile we are so a tiny little second can alter who we are!


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