CIELO AZUL - Smita Sonthalia

CIELO AZUL - Smita Sonthalia

Title: Cielo Azul

Medium: Mixed Media

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Year of Work: 2020

Size: 60cm x 90cm


If the sight of the blue sky fills you with joy, rejoice, for your soul is alive.Flowers are one of the best manifestations of beauty and love. This mixed media painting is inspired by my love for flowers since childhood. The tightly rendered flowers show a great attention to detail, an eye for depicting delicate petal textures, and a love for bright color combinations. Textures, silver metal leafs and layering techniques have been used intricately to bring the flowers to life.This painting with blue and white peonies is a continuation of my Peony series. It has been created on deep edge canvas box with sides painted, with a beautiful white frame which can be dismantled if not needed. It has also been signed at the bottom and fitted with chord so it is all ready to hang.

  • Artist

    Smita Sonthalia


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