Title: Cross Roads, 2009 (Spiritual Art Collection)

Medium: Color, Photogram, Paper, Photo, film on paper on Paper.

Country: Hong kong

Year of work: 2009

Size: 15.6" x 25" 


Art Description: 

Cross Roads, 2009. Print on 310 gsm Cotton Artist Textured paper limited by a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist.


The artwork was developed from the film more than 10 years ago. We did a lot of procedures including handcraft and AI enhancement to make this work come true, from a low-resolution photo taken 11 years ago, and make it shine on Fine Art Cotton Artist Textured paper. It’s fun to try and error many times in this experimental process. It may not be not perfect, but the imperfection made it Art.


Story of the Artwork:

2009, I came across my first crossroad. I was tired of my routine job and decided to quit. I packed my backpack, bought a ticket for the train, went on the road. This artwork took in Autumn, 2009, traveling as a backpacker from Sichuan to Yunnan(Shangri-La)inside Daocheng Yading, actually, my destination is Tibet on that trip. When you are in the middle of a crossroad, what you only can do is go on a long trip, explore the world, outside and inside your heart, and get to know yourself. Your inner voice would guide your road.


I remember I was so peaceful and without fear at that moment even I was all alone. And I took this picture on the way to Tibet. That was a bad day, the weather was very bad actually and the sky was foggy. But when I look up to the sky, the birds on the electric wires just like me, and a lot of people, living like walk the line, even don't know what to do in the situation of crossroads.


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