DR KING - Luis Rubim

DR KING - Luis Rubim

Title: Dr King

Medium: Painting, Drawing & Code on Archival Matte Paper

Country of origin: UK

Year of Work: 2020

Size: 16" x 12" (Limited to 50 at this Size)


010101001 AKA The Pointilizer, is an alter ego of sorts of the artist. The binary 010101001, corresponds to the size of the images (in pixels) the device can reproduce in its unique way. The device can also paint or draw free hand, in Third Hand mode (in which the abstracts were done). The device itself is made with found and repurposed materials and by its nature plays on cognitive friction with the user (in this case the artist and creator of the device). It is not terribly accurate which lends a certain character to the pieces, occasionally showing the mark of the human hand and imperfection within the works, resulting in a semblance of sorts of the subjects depicted.


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