Title: Emancipation

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Country: Ghana

Year of Work: 2020

Size: 28" x 28" 


An inspiration from escaping from bondage. This also seems to be a transfer from the domain of darkness into a transcended light.

The BLACK AND WHITE circular tiles at the edges of work signifies a dark world, a place of bondage, torment, and hell.

The DEEP BLUE circular tiles signifies the edge to freedom, a hope of glory, certainty.

The KEY HOLE is obviously depicting an opportunity, a great chance of hope, a better tomorrow into success.

The Projected FLAG represent the point of finish, the end point to struggle...

RED PART OF FLAG danger, torment, etc.

BLUE PART OF FLAG Freedom, peace, rest etc.

The LIGHT AND FLOURISHING WORLD represents, the future, prosperity, fruitfulness, independence etc.

The ESCAPING GIRL IN BROKEN CHAINS is depicting a narrow escape, perseverance, determination, etc.


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