EVE - Stephanie Katapodi

EVE - Stephanie Katapodi

Title: Eve

Medium: Ink & Coffee, Print

Country: Greece

Year of Work: 2016

Size: 50 x 70


Falling in love with a kindred soul and having the opportunity to share mutual
thoughts and feelings with them is a rare gift from the universe. It often requires one
to let go off their guards and embrace the person that is inspiring such feelings in
them. However the process of letting go is a type of exposure; and at the course of
this exposure one’s feelings, fears and thoughts intensify. As the initial enthusiasm
and fascination matures upon apprehension of the confirmative feelings of the
kindred soul, the initial assumption of permanence turns into a question of how it
could be achieved. Once anything becomes a question however, it opens a tiny
window for answers and the answers are usually formed in accordance to the pieces
of wisdom people that may have had the chance to live something similar felt the
need to share. Sometimes these pieces of wisdom are created by you based on what
you think they would have said. So you end up exposing yourself to not only the
highs of this blessing of true love, but also the lows that your own insecurities
intrigue in your mind as well as the mixed feelings that the voices that you allow to
exist in your mind cause. And there are you are coping with the question of whether
you deserve to feel desired whilst assessing if it would be wise to be foolishly in love.
Unfortunately in these situations you end up ending it, before you manage to
convince yourself that it was real.


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