• FEMINISM - Becks

    Title: Feminism

    Media: Acrylic paint, oil pastel, spray paint on hand-stretched cotton canvas

    Country: Canada

    Date: 2020

    Size: 24" x 30"


    This painting aims to emulate how I believe feminism exists today. Changing
    social norms and expectations are constantly imposed on women, as depicted through the
    different sizes and shapes in the painting.
    I used neon pink and delicate outlines of shapes to emulate the conventional female, with solid white shapes, black shapes, and graffiti, to make the piece bold and loud. Each shape and colour has been calculated and layered over months, to create harmony between abstraction and balance.
    We are finding our voices within society. We are fighting, speaking loud, and demanding our
    equality. But this does not mean we give up our feminine energy that resides within.


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