Title: Mobile Softee, 2005 (TinyHongKong Collection)

Medium: Color, Paper, Photo, Photogram, film on Paper on Paper.

Country: Hong kong

Year of work: 2020

Size: 23.4" x 33.1" (A1)


Art Description: 

Mobile Softee, 2005 (TinyHongKong Collection). Print on Cotton Artist Textured 310 gsm paper limited by a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist. 


The artwork was developed from the film more than 10 years ago. We did a lot of procedures including handcraft and AI enhancement to make this paint-like Art come true, from a low-resolution photo taken 15 years ago, and make it live again on Cotton Artist Textured paper. It is not perfect, but the imperfection made it Art.


Story of Artwork: 

This artwork was taken with my Nikon FM2 Camera in 2005 around the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. I was born in Hong Kong and I really love this tiny international city from my heart. You can find the traditional and modern features in this place. HK is a place with mixed Eastern and Western cultures, a perfect place to do business and everyone can find their desired lifestyle here. Every HKer would be familiar with the image of the Mobile Softee truck since young. Mobile Softee is a dream of children, full of sweet and joyful memories, and it’s one of the signatures of Hong Kong. Hope that my Artwork in TinyHongKong Collection reminds people or collectors of the beauty of this tiny beautiful island.

That's the story of this artwork.


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