VOICES - Maii Fallara

VOICES - Maii Fallara

Title: Voices

Medium: Acrylic & Fingerpainting

Country of origin: Canada

Year of Work: 2019

Size: 24" x 36"


Everyday someone out there has unfortunately been abused whether it is emotionally, physically or sexually. This painting is to shame the abusers and give power to us the ones who had no voice the ones who were afraid to speak. This painting is meant to say, you may have taken a lot from me but not my voice and not my soul. White is meant to symbolize the innocence taken since white is innocent, and also to symbolize "sexual fluids." and yellow meaning climbing outside of the darkness and finding a voice no longer staying silent in fear. The person in the painting is meant to be gender-less so that it can relate with anyone who had been abused whether it is a man or a woman.


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