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Punch and Fury was born from the minds of Lauren and Laura way back in 2018. It all started in a small independent coffee shop in West London where both Laura and Lauren met. The friendship bloomed and the back-and-forth desires for covering blank walls with visual feeling meant Lauren could connect with the canvas and Laura could connect that canvas to a wall.


With Lauren's previous experience working in India where she taught art therapy to victims of human trafficking and Laura’s childhood in what was once a strong grassroots community in Portobello, the pair believe in giving back and supporting the world around us. The pair are in the process of forming an official partnership with the NSPCC to give back even more to the causes they care about.


Our aim in creating every custom piece individually is to do so with a passion for understanding the client's desires as well as creating a piece that hopefully evokes their own character to display in their location of choice for whomever they choose to admire alongside them.


We also offer prints from our originals at various shapes and sizes just in case you want a little Punch+Fury in your life without wrestling with finances!


We will be exhibiting our work at Roy’s Art Fair in October in Bricklane.


Come say hello to us or have a nose about our work!


We look forwards to hearing from you wonderful humans soon.


Born in London, Bred from Anger.