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I am an abstract artist from the North East of England. My artist persona is Pybus. I
have been drawing traditionally and digitally for a few years and I’ve been very
interested in art especially contemporary art forms for many years and my work is
recently starting to get noticed.

Cylinder Gallery 30/06/20
Five of my artworks were chosen to be apart of the metamorphosis 2020 online
virtual gallery where my artwork was for sale

Rooftop Arts Centre
My artwork was chosen to be a part of Rooftop Arts Centre online live 08/06/20
exhibition. In which I submitted 3 pieces.

I was successfully selected for my artwork to appear in the RegenerART 14/05/20
book. The artwork had to repent hope duding The Covert 19 global pandemic

Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery
I Submitted 5 a6 size artworks for the secret postcard show in Sheffield 28/04/20

Buzz Gallery Rotherham ROAR 01/02/20
I submitted 3 digital versions of my art to be displayed in the buzz gallery in
rotherham for one month to be apart of the ROAR exhibition

Venice Vending Machine 9 22/11/19
I submitted 2 very small works of art 8.8 cm diagonally to fit inside a 100mm
transparent plastic sphere, in which the works were placed in vending machine

London Ultra 31/10/19
I submitted 3 A3 framed and signed pieces of artwork for the London ultra at the

Surface Art Gallery 28/06/20
I submitted 6 pieces of a3 sized art work framed and signed for the Nottingham street
art exhibition

Great Western Studios, London
I submitted 1 A3 Framed artwork of an original piece 06/05/19

No 42 Bishop Aukland, The Aukland Project 24/04/19
I submitted 2 pieces for this Exhibition, the two pieces were 2 canvas 25cm by 25cm
approx for the theme selfie.

Devonshire Collective Postcard Show 04/03/19
I submitted 5 postcard size A6 digital prints showcasing some of my best work

Aintree hospital Liverpool 13/02/19
I submitted 4 pieces of work for the theme of Reunion. 2 pieces were hand drawn on A3 sized paper and Framed the other 2 were digital printouts on canvas 25cm by 25cm approx. One of the piece has been sold.

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