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I discovered painting as an outlet when it seemed impossible to put my thoughts, emotions, and feelings into words. This was after finding out I was going to lose my left leg below the knee because of an ankle injury I sustained in a car accident that nearly killed me years prior. Painting has been a necessary therapeutic outlet that I'm grateful for.

Although I don't have a background in any sort of formal art training, I've heard my style of work to be classified as abstract expressionism. Which makes sense because when it comes to my artwork - I feel. Sometimes too much and so strongly that the only respite is to paint.

As I'm creating I'm fully immersed in the now. Picking the colors that resonate with me at that moment. Feeling the paint beneath my fingers. The mess that creates beauty. It's all wonderful.

I'm 32 years old. From Tulsa, Oklahoma. I paint what I feel. With my hands.

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