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I was born in November 1977 in Poland's mountains. During my juvenile life I was inspired by the cold and strong wind, by the colour combinations in the woods and the movements of the landscape. Having the German and the Polish nationalities it was for me easy to move through these countries. End of 90’s I moved to Düsseldorf, Germany. The architecture of a big city, the straightness, night life and the influence of Japanese scene fascinated me and at the same time I felt lost in between. I started to translate all those feelings into the canvas. At that time, I wasn’t self-confident enough, so I destroyed it.

Turbulent years later I found me back in Poland, working at a gallery for NGO. I was
motivated by friends and by artist environment. I made my first works in form of sculptures made of wood, metal and stones. The centre of this work was “Nature”. My job at the gallery allowed me to exhibit my work and I could earn a lot of positive feedback.

I came back to Düsseldorf in 2015. During the last years I tested my abilities on different media. I understood that my artist work is the reflection of my feelings. There are some situations that flood my life with emotions such as joy, sadness, longing and love. My work always tries to immortalise these special moments. 2020, I moved to Hamburg. The rough weather with the incalculable play of the elements and the time during the lockdown contributed to the birth of my actual artist work.

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