Raissa Boura was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. After moving to Mansfield Texas her junior year of high school she graduated and joined the U.S Army and is currently stationed in El Paso Texas.

Raissa describes herself as a self-taught abstract artist, she lets her passion and heart take over to create one of a kind pieces. Everything is spontaneous, she wants people to enjoy her artwork, as Jackson Pollack said “Abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed- after a while you may like it or you
may not”.

As a child her grandmother would take her to art museums, design districts, and sculpture gardens .she has grown a love for the arts ever since then, and now 21 years later she found her passion for creating artwork of her own hoping people will grow a love for art just as she did many years ago.

Artist Statement

Art makes me feel at peace, it let’s me create visually pleasing pieces for everyone to enjoy. I typically work with Acrylics on canvas but also enjoy exploring different mediums so it gives me a chance to express all of my ideas. Everything I see throughout the day gets transferred to my pieces, sometimes
my pieces are planned and sometimes they come from mistakes. My work is for everyone to enjoy there is and will never be a specific audience, just like creating is for everyone no one should be excluded. “The world is our canvas, our mind is the paint, and our heart is the brush”.

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