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Ralitsa Georgieva is a self-taught artist originally from Bulgaria. She has moved to London in 2015 where she is currently based.
The creating process has always been something special to Ralitsa. “Painting is the time when your heart and soul are celebrating and the time when the artist is revealing the best of its soul” - she says. Her artworks are born from the true love to nature, humans and the inseparable union between them. They are emotional answers to the desire of showing love of life.
The main subjects of Ralitsa’s works are female portraits, landscapes and abstracts. Born in the south of Bulgaria, Ralitsa was always fascinated by the beauty of the mountains which reflects on her early works. Most of her paintings are also an emotional representation of femininity and revealing the beauty and softness but also strong and independent female character.
She mostly works with acrylic on canvas and paper and sometimes with watercolor and oil and very often using mixed media.

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