I am Orudzhev Rashid Eldarovich.  Graphic artist.  Born in 1977 in the Ukrainian SSR, in the city of Kharkov.  In 1991 he graduated from the Kharkov Children's Art School named after Ilya Efimovich Repin.  In 1994 he graduated from the Kharkov Art Lyceum at the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute.  In 2000 he graduated with honors from the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute with a degree in Graphics.  I work in the style of realism, phantasmagoria, pop art, postmodern and avant-garde.  I work in my creative workshop.  The works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Azerbaijan, France, the USA, as well as in the Kharkov Art Museum as part of the collection of I. Ya. Luchkovsky.  My creative works were exhibited in Kiev, Moscow, Nuremberg, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk.  I had three solo exhibitions.  My works are distinguished by graphic design, decorativeness, elaboration of details, bold compositional and color solutions, and an interesting interpretation of the form.  Participant in numerous international, All-Ukrainian and regional exhibitions, as well as international and city projects.  I have numerous diplomas, diplomas, and certificates.  He designed and illustrated more than 25 books.  My creative works are published in more than 37 art catalogs.  Member of the Kharkiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2010.  I conduct the private pedagogical activity.  I collaborate with publishers, doing graphic and interior design.  My slogan: “Art is PEACE!”, An Artist is a Creator giving people beauty!